December 7, 2008

Richard and his son Rick left yesterday morning around 8 a.m. for Indiantown and hope to arrive tonight.
I’m not there, although it was disappointing to have them go without me.
But my sister Virginia, who is special as you know, has had a gastro-intestinal bleed for a week. Doctors can neither stop the bleeding or determine its cause. I’m giving moral support to my sister the nurse, and we drive to the hospital an hour away most days to spend time with Virginia and find out what’s happening.
I’m going out to sweep the snow off my car and go to breakfast, since I emptied all of the food out of my house in anticipation of the move south.
It is so cold here! -5 C, which is 23 F, but the wind is strong and makes it feel way colder. I was thinking of skiing around here today, but am afraid my face would freeze off. So I’ll visit the parents and play Rummicub with Mom, and maybe work on the book, a preview of the winters when I can’t go south any longer.

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