Halfway through the Summer Sojourn in Ontario

Weatherwise, summer started August 1 this year. This meant that May, June and July were pleasant for working on my boat – except when it was raining, which was about one third of the time.

Richard helped me get started on painting My Detour’s deck when we got home mid-May, and it’s all finished now except for a few little details. But it has been three months. There are almost weekly inquiries and /or viewings of the boat, but so far, no offers.

At the Sloan Reunion, Dad’s elderly siblings and an assortment of us cousins and spouses and kids and their kids gathered. I know most of my cousins and their spouses, but have mostly lost track of the next 2 generations down.

Mom couldn’t remember who anyone was, but remembered and belted out all three verses of “What a friend we have in Jesus” at the special service for the Sloans in the Anglican Church in West Lorne, built by one of our ancestors. Dad hobbled from the van to his wheelchair and back several times, and enjoyed seeing everyone one his first day out of Beattie Haven since he tripped and broke his leg in March.

Grand-niece and nephew Hannah and Julian came for sleepovers, brother Bill and wife Connie brought their twin grand-girls to visit, and Richard and I went camping and canoeing.

We also had an art sale of Mom’s paintings, and there was a lot of work to prepare for it. We didn’t make a lot of money, but many more of Mom’s paintings are in homes where they will be loved.

Richard and I went to our first tractor/truck pull in Florence, and agreed it would be our only one. Grand-niece Hannah spent the whole thing with her hands tightly over her ears. Women and boys and girls competed as well as men, and it was impressive when the mighty machines came roaring down the track.But it was noisy and smelly.

Of course, Mom and Dad and sister Virginia also require lots of attention and care, and Richard likes a little now and then too. And there are many other family members and friends I like to spend time with. So no painting or book-writing right now. But it is a good retirement, just not what I had expected.

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