Update from Lucky, Jan. 18, 2012

Idiot Afloat: Book I , the book about my first three years of cruising, is flying out the door.

Much to my surprise, people have reported that they have finished reading it and are looking forward to Book II. Several people even said they couldn’t put it down. (But they are friends and might say that anyway.) My sister Sandy told sister Vonny that she enjoyed it more than she thought she would. If you know Sandy, and what she thinks about Vonny and I disappearing every winter to live on boats, you will understand that that is high praise indeed!

If you’d like to buy a copy of the book, it is $14 either US or CDN.

There are five ways you can get it now.

1. Send a cheque for $17, either currency, (includes $3 for shipping) to me at: Box 468, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada, N0P 1C0. Email your mailing address to me so the book can be snail-mailed to you. (My brother has some books to mail to Canadian addresses and I have some to mail to U.S. addresses.)

2. Pick a copy at Nautical Mind, on Queen’s Quay in Toronto.

3. Google Nautical Mind and order the book from them.

4. Pick up a copy at the drug store in Bothwell.

5. I will take some south for book signings where sailors gather. We are in Indiantown now and plan to make our way west to Marathon, and then to Cuba.


Where and how we are now:

Richard came through the colonoscopy with flying colours, and we loaded up the old Mercedes the next day and headed south. We just got far enough south the first day to miss a major snowstorm that swept in behind us. When we compared notes late in the day we realized we might have missed a surprise goodbye dinner as well. Richard noticed special food in the fridge just before we left the Villmanns, and, when eight-year-old Dylan hugged me goodbye, he said, “This isn’t good.” If our hunch is right, we’re very sorry, Rick, Rebecca, Colin, Dylan and Owen, and hope you enjoyed the food anyway.

Richard got a case of food poisoning, probably from the pannini sandwich I got him instead of the McDonald’s hamburger he asked for at the Angola Service Plaza, just after we went though customs in Buffalo. He had a rough two or three days, and we made frequent stops.

But he’s better now, and we are unpacked and moved into Lucky. We have been sleeping on board in the storage yard at Indiantown Marina, and now in the work yard, under an Arctic sleeping bag.

A week to ten days of work await us before we head to points south of here. We hurt from climbing up and down the ladder, and Richard really hurts from crawling around in cupboards and lockers to put in a new radio with a remote, a new bilge pump and a new macerator pump. My butt has a ring around it from sitting on an old plastic putty pail with sharp edges to pee at night, and I usually get tagged to haul the darned thing to the washroom in the morning. (Sorry, probably too much information.)

But it was 80°F today, and will be in the 70s tomorrow, nice for working. We have met some old friends, made some new ones, and I’ve moved a half-dozen copies of Idiot Afloat out of my side of the V-berth. We can’t complain.

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