Update, January 27, 2013 Sharon and Richard get Lucky into the Water

Update from Sharon and Richard on Lucky, Jan. 27, 2013

Today, Richard and I are back in Lake Oleta, at Bakers Haulover, on the Intracoastal Waterway, which we left in May, 2012, with my sister Vonny and her husband Ray. They had been hit by lightning a few days before and we were taking our boats to Indiantown. Richard and I were storing our boat Lucky for the summer and Vonny and Ray were taking Wishbone there to have repairs done.

Vonny and Ray waited three months for their insurance company to approve the estimate for repairs and send them a deposit for the work. The work was finished a couple of weeks ago, they paid the yard the total bill so the boat could be shipped north, and are waiting to be reimbursed by their insurance company, which is waiting for more info to be sent by the yard before they will pay.

Vonny and Ray have quit cruising. They want to move on.

Here, the sun is shining and it is warm, but not hot. Richard and I are happy to be cruising again.

My summer was very busy. I got the second edition of Idiot Afloat, Book I printed, and arranged a series of book talks to promote it. This meant learning how to use a new projector, and trying to assemble my spotty collection of pictures into an interesting presentation. I’m not sure how engrossing it was, but I managed to sell about fifty books that way.

In the meantime, Book II continued to take shape. I went through the edited copies that a dozen people returned to me, and incorporated the corrections into the book. There are still typos and mistakes in both books, but both are better for work so many volunteers put into them. (Email me if you didn’t get a copy yet and would like one. I have little stashes available in various places, and carry some on the boat.)

Besides working on the books, I tried to visit Mom almost every day. She didn’t always remember my name, or whether I was her sister, her daughter or, recently, her mother, but she knew we loved each other and was always glad to see me. I worked on jigsaw puzzles and she watched and sometimes helped. I gave her manicures, and she picked the colour she wanted her nails to be – bright peach, or a glowing turquoise. Conversation didn’t happen much. She had had a small stroke that affected her speech.

Virginia stayed overnight when the hydro went out at her place and we played Rummicub by candlelight. I took her to doctors’ appointments. We gave out candy together at her house on Hallowe’en. I spent some time with the grand-nieces and nephews – there are now 17 – and with son Mike. Richard and I visited back and forth when we could. I was there when he had surgery in November.

In November a garage took shape in my back yard, and was bricked with the old bricks from the century home that Sandy and Gerry had to tear down to build their new house.

I started promoting Book II among the sailors I know in November and spent most of December filling orders. It was exciting to turn on the computer every morning. I did the printing on brother Bill’s big printer, and the book was being mailed out to readers before the end of November.

Suddenly, it was Christmas. Richard was at my place and all packed to go south. We had Christmas dinner at Bill and Connie’s. Most of the nieces and nephews and their spouses were there – and those wonderful kids, the oldest Julian at nine, and the youngest Trent, four months. All different, and all perfectly delightful.

Tuesday, Boxing Day morning we headed out and got stopped by a snowstorm in Ohio in the afternoon. Friday night we slept on Lucky in the Indiantown Marina boat yard.

Now, after three weeks of very hard work and five days of travel (one a great day of sail), we are anchored for a few days. We are enjoying the cruise.

Til the next update, Sharon and Richard

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