January 24, 2015 Update from Sharon and Richard on Lucky

I think the last update that I sent may have been August, 2014, when we got back from Vermilion Bay and Jim and Lynda’s fish camp. I didn’t copy all my documents onto this little Surface so I can’t check.

So put them all in the Cloud, you say. But to get to the Cloud, you have to be on the Internet, and this is the Bahamas. I would have to have an expensive smart phone and pay a monthly fee for data access. This year I’m going to restrict myself to using the Internet in the half-dozen mostly free places ashore, about once a week. If you want to contact me, my phone number here is 1-242-464-1111.

For a few days around December 1st, I helped my son Mike move, after he sold the triplex he had in Guelph for 30 years. Now he is living on the outskirts of Vienna, Ontario, near Tillsonburg.

Sebastian, my nephew-in-law, is a good salesman, photographer and computer guy. He is helping me set up a site and sell my art online. If you would like to see it, it is at on www.mydetour.com. It isn’t altogether yet, but if you see something you like, email me and we’ll work something out. I may refer you to Sebastian.

I continue to do things with the books. I have them ready to put on the Smashwords publisher site, thanks to Christine, a whiz with computer challenges, but haven’t finished that yet either. When the choice is working ashore on the internet or water-walking and swimming on a perfect empty beach in clear turquoise water, which would you pick?

At Christmas, I dug out my decorations and put up a Christmas tree for the first time in 14 years. So then I had to have party and invite the neighbourhood and local family. Mike even drove over from Vienna in his newly acquired little pick-up truck.

There was the usual round of big family gatherings with all those wonderful little kids and their parents and my brothers and sisters and their spouses, the grand-parents. There are 23 grand-nieces and nephews now and one or 2 more on the way, each a very different little person.

Back at Richard’s, we planned to go to Vonny and Ray’s house on Adolphus Reach for New Year’s. But I got a nasty bug with a hacking cough, and we cancelled all of our intended visits. Richard cooked chicken soup. (Jewish penicillin, he calls it. I was still sick when we got to Florida.

Richard’s son Rick and his wife Rebecca and their 3 sons, aged 17, 12, and 10, went to our boat in the Bahamas and we stayed in Ontario with Pebbles the dog. Rock and family returned Jan. 4, and off we went in my van, across the border at Buffalo and south. The trip was snowy and stressful for the first two days, and I made a wrong call about the turnoff south at Erie which had us driving on unplowed roads for an hour or so. The air was blue with cursing and I had to make a new rule – no more temper tantrums when I made a mistake or I would take my car and drive home. Things settled down a bit after that. To be fair, he did a stellar job driving through the snow with no snow tires.

We met up with Richard, Renita and Belva, Renita’s mother, still perky and sharp at 89, for supper at the Cracker Barrel, their favourite restaurant. They had generously offered us a much appreciated room for as long as we needed it. Jan. 8, we connected with Jim and Lynda, our sailing buddies, and booked the trip to Georgetown. Friday, Jan. 9, the four of us went from Indiantown to Fort Lauderdale to Nassau to George Town, with lots of waits but no serious glitches. Richard was disappointed that we arrived too late to get the water taxi to our boat but I was happy to take a room at Marshall’s, the local inn, and stroll over to the Exuma Yacht Club for cracked conch and a goombay smash.

Loaded down with groceries, we took the water taxi to our boats in Hole 3 the next morning. Our boat was clean and the sails were on. We were out of there and anchored in front of the Chat and Chill the next afternoon. I think we should let Rick and family go down ahead of us every year!

There were several days of hard work, of course. Richard had to replace the defunct macerator pump with one Rick sent down with him. He removed the fridge that had burnt out last year and installed one of the two brand new ones Norcold sent last year to fulfill the warranty. And the family, with such a short few days of holiday time, had to leave the laundry. Five people use a lot of sheets.

I met with two people for Scrabble one day and that was fun. Jo and Anne were both delightful to get to know. I’ve done a nice painting.

We’ve been in Red Shanks for a week now and it is our favourite place. Unfortunately, many others are discovering it. Til next time.

Sharon and Richard on Lucky

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