January 3, 2019 Update from Lucky in Baker’s Haulover, Florida

The last update from Lucky was almost year ago. We are back in the same spot, so I will only mention a few highlights from the last year, and bring the journey up to date.

We always love being anchored in the little lake that we call Lake Oleta because it is surrounded by Oleta State Park on three sides and the Florida International University on the fourth. We also enjoy the kayakers, paddlers, dolphins and manatees that frequent the water around us.

Last year we continued south to No Name Harbor, getting some good sailing in while crossing Biscayne Bay. When we got there, we did the usual water refill, shopping and laundry.. I painted a picture of the entrance to the harbour and we went for walks. I sold a set of books. Then south to anchor at Sand Key and explore and swim.

Then south again to Tarpon Basin, good sailing all the way. A long walk on shore in the hot sun with our two propane tanks tied on the bundle buggy to exchange for full ones. Later another long walk back when we discovered one had a hose that leaked. Great fish lunch on the way back. I painted a picture of the mangroves. Jerry and Bonnie came for Happy Hour and had great stories to tell about living on a boat full-time for many years.

On March 10, we woke up from afternoon naps to find Downstream (Rick’s boat) anchored beside us, with the whole family on board and cavorting in the water. And Diny came in the harbour on her boat Adventure quest. She loved discussing her boat issues with Richard.

We continued to sail down the Keys, enjoying living aboard. I accidentally stepped on a porthole while pulling the sails down one day – more work for Richard!

On March 21 I took my paints ashore and painted until Elizabeth arrived on the shuttle bus from the airport. We had wonderful sails with Elizabeth to Isla Morada. I took her on a tour of the mangroves, but lifted the motor up to go over a shallow spot and failed to put it down until much later, thus burning out all of the seals. This resulted in a summer’s work for Richard, rebuilding the motor, all because of my foolish mistake.

More wonderful sailing south, then back north so Elizabeth could catch her bus to her plane home.

Then the long but pleasant trip back north to Indiantown. Well, the bridges were a pain sometimes. Haul out on April 17, and after Breakfast at Crackers with Richard and Renita Brooks, we drove north to Bothwell, and I was back to summer in my little Bothwell house, reconnecting with family, cleaning up the yard, visiting neighbours, book keeping, seniors’ exercises, Virginia’s appointments, Scrabble and Book Club. Richard went back home to his family and Virginia and I went out to Barbie’s many nights for dinner as neither of us like to cook.

I attempted to clean out boxes of old files from the garage, but not much progress made. It’s hard to throw away one’s past, especially when you realize that most of your memory is in these external items and no longer in your brain.

The provincial election came and I canvassed hard, and put up lots of signs, but all to no avail, as the Trump wanna-be became premier of Ontario, instead of my friend, a well-spoken woman from Hamilton who was already a member of the legislature and would have made a great premier. Oh, well.

There was also a month-long VW van trip with Richard to Massachusetts, where we visited Chris and Divya. Divya had cancer and it was the last time we would see her, as she died in the fall.

On the way home, a wonderful drive through the White Mountains, and some stealth camping in the van.

Our trip on the boat this year covers the same route as last year. Although we prepared the boat and planned for the Bahamas, we are thinking it may not happen. Richard is 79 and I’m 75. Richard isn’t as strong as he was and I forget things a lot. Let’s face it. We are getting a bit old for heading out into the ocean by ourselves.

More later, perhaps. I’d love to hear how you are doing.

Love, from Sharon and Richard

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